Who We Are

NJPOF is a special project of the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey.  This organization founded in 1985 now has over 4,000 member police officers statewide. These officers work in a broad range of police agencies local, county and federal throughout the Great State of New Jersey.

The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey is a registered non-profit organization and through continued fundraising efforts and as part of its mission has been able to provide a “Line Of Duty” death benefit for the families of member officers in addition to making more police safety & life saving equipment available to our New Jersey Police Officers.   We are also participating in a “Cars 4 Cops” program where someone can donate an un-needed vehicle.  This donation helps the NJPOF fund it’s charitable donations.

As one of the fastest growing police organizations in the State of New Jersey, The Italian American Police Society and its members share a common goal,  to help our fellow officers and protect our communities.

We are currently conducting our fundraising campaign.  The foundation also has other fundraising projects,  see menu above.

For your information and to relieve any concerns please note the following:

  • For households, and businesses,  you would typically receive a phone call and then,  the pledge kit including your receipt will arrive shortly after in the mail.
  • Contacting a business is done in the same way, with a telephone call.  Though in the case of a business the information may have been sent to you via fax or through the mail if so requested.
  • In some instances,  it is possible that a courier would pick up your donation.
  • We utilize professional fundraisers to conduct our fundraising campaign.

If you have any further questions please contact our director via email with the form below.  You can also call 1-800-IAPSNJ-1 and leave a voice message and a member of our staff will return your call.

 Click here to view a Thank You letter from the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (S.H.I.P.)

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