Clothing Donation Program

The NJ Police Officers Foundation, along with the Italian American Police Society is starting a new fundraising endeavor. Clothing Recycling. Simply, a member finds a place to have a collection bin placed, like a firehouse, or PD, or a supermarket. Once that is approved, the bin is delivered. As it gets filled with clothing donations, the company comes to empty it, taking the clothing away for processing. The NJ POF then receives a percentage of the net of donation proceeds to fund our NJ Police Officers Foundation. Please read below for more information and authorization form and flyer to present to prospective “landlords”

Below is an online form where you can submit information to expedite the placement of a collection bin.

As bins are placed,  the locations will be listed below.

Download the Trifold-Authorization Form here

Trifold Brochure NJPOF backpg NJ-FINAL Trifold Broch NJPOF frontpg NJ-FINAL

Bin Placement Authorization

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